View Technology, Inc.

Tiltometer Cap Inspection System


Uncompromised Detection of Leakers, Soft Bottles, and Miss-Applied Closures

Bottling has always been difficult and it is getting tougher all the time.  As the Marketing Department dreams up more packages and more flavors you now have to deal with:


  • Constant Flavor and Bottle Size Change-Overs
  • Higher Speed Lines
  • Thinner and Lighter Bottles
  • Thinner and Lower Profile Closures
  • Multiple Cap Colors
  • Fewer Operators on the Line
  • More Complicated and Finicky Equipment
  • Nitrogen Doser Issues
  • Blow Molder Issues


With all these things that can go wrong, you need something that will keep an eye on the bottle flow so you don’t fill the warehouse with leakers, squishy bottles, or cocked caps.  However, the last thing you need is one more finicky, complicated piece of equipment.


The Tiltometer Cap Inspection system is extremely simple, tough, and reliable.  It will detect and reject a wide variety of closure defects, bottle defects, and over/under pressure bottles with minimal operator hassle and bottle size change-overs in less than 3 seconds.